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Tutor name: Briana
Education: Bachelor of Science in Biology and Minor in Mathematics from State University of New York College (SUNY)
Tutoring experience: 7 years
Subjects:  ACT/SAT/SSAT prep - for English, reading, writing, math, essay, and verbal sections. Also Academic coaching, World & US history, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, AP/Honors Biology, and AP/Honors Chemistry.
Notes: Briana tutors full-time and covers most of Central and Northern Virginia. She tutors from Richmond all the way up to NOVA. She teaches ACT/SAT prep, high school math and science, and academic coaching. Briana completed an internship with the Fish and Wildlife Service at Kenai National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, where she did research on brown bears and shorebirds. After getting her Bachelor of Science in Biology, she took a seasonal position with the Institute of Renewable Natural Resources at Texas A&M, mapping and surveying endangered warblers. She was also a Fisheries Observer and spent three months at sea working for NOAA. Briana relates to students extremely well. Parents love her, and many have wished to clone her! Briana always has a good attitude, she is flexible, and she is able to think quickly on her feet. She currently resides in the Fredericksburg VA area.

Tutor name: Maria
Education: Master of Science in Clinical Counseling from Post University and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from State University of New York.
Tutoring experience: 10 years
Subjects: Academic coaching, special needs, reading, writing, English, ACT/SAT prep for English, reading, writing, and essay
Notes: Maria worked as a Mental Health Counselor and a Therapeutic Day Treatment Counselor for 8 years in the home, community, and school system. Using a psycho-educational approach, she provided behavior-specific interventions, instructional programs, and social and recreational activities to help students learn adaptive strategies and improve their academic performance. Maria is also a writer who has been freelancing for various magazine and newspaper publications since 2000. Currently, Maria is the Assistant Director at VHES and a tutor throughout Warrenton VA, Haymarket VA, Gainesville VA, Nokesville VA, Bristow VA, and other locations. 

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Tutor name: Darryl
Education: Master’s in Adolescent Education from Adelphi University, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Brown University
Tutoring experience: 20 years

Subjects: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Pre-calculus, Calculus, ACT/SAT/SSAT math, Biology, Academic Coaching
Notes: Darryl has worked as a math teacher since 2005 at both the middle and high school levels. Darryl has extensive experience creating exams, designing comprehensive lesson plans, and implementing behavior-modification strategies to refocus students on learning. He is also a Mentor and Certified Personal Trainer who is skilled at coaching, engaging, and motivating his clients. Darryl is presently teaching at Armstrong High School in Richmond, specializing in Pre-calculus, Geometry, and Algebra I and II. He is available to work with students in Richmond and surrounding areas.

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Tutor name: Jeff
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from University of Utah, Master of Arts in Statistics from University of Utah
Tutoring experience: 16 years
Subjects: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Statistics, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Academic Coaching, SSAT/SAT/ACT prep - for math, reading, writing, English, and science test prep.
Notes:  Jeff has over 20 years of classroom teaching instruction. He’s taught math classes at the middle school, high school, and college levels. He also served as a mathematics department chair. Jeff taught mathematics, grades 7 through 12. Courses included Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, College Algebra and Trigonometry, Mathematical Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, AP Calculus AB and BC, and AP Statistics. Jeff taught evening math classes at a community college in Salt Lake City for several years. He's also taught at the Collegiate School in Richmond, Episcopal School in Portland, St. Mary's School in Raleigh, Marlborough School in Los Angeles, and Crossroads School in Santa Monica. Jeff has been an instructor at the national conference for Teachers Teaching with Technology (T3). Workshop topics he's covered include vector analysis with the TI-89 graphing calculator, Markov chains, nonparametric statistics applications, and applying matrices to polynomial multiplication. Jeff enjoys swimming, hiking, and cycling. Jeff tutors throughout the Richmond VA area: Henrico VA, Chesterfield VA, Glen Allen VA, Mechanicsville VA, Midlothian VA, Tuckahoe VA, and other nearby areas. 

Tutor Name: Justin Education: Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Radford University Tutoring/Teaching Experience: 6 years Subjects: ACT Science/English/Reading, SAT Reading/Writing, Biology, Academic Coaching Notes: Justin’s teaching experience includes six years of tutoring at the Huntington Learning Center, where he taught kindergarten to 12th-grade curricula, including reading comprehension, vocabulary, and math. Justin’s coaching skills, communication skills, and needs-oriented approach have been instrumental in helping struggling students understand subject matter, achieve their target grades, and increase their confidence in schoolwork. He is available to tutor in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, and surrounding areas.

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Tutor Name: Michael
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Tutoring experience: 2 years
Subjects: Pre-algebra, Algebra, Algebra II, Calculus, AP Calculus, BC Calculus, Chemistry, AP Chemistry
Notes: Michael has worked as a tutor at the University Center for Academic Excellence in Charlotte since January 2016, specializing in calculus, chemistry, and algebra. His experience also includes assisting in the engineering of antibodies for the Pfizer Corporation. Michael is an aspiring actuary currently preparing for Exam P. He is available to work with students in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

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Tutor name: Whitney
Education: Bachelor of Science in Foreign Studies from University of Minnesota, Master of Education from American College of Education
Tutoring experience: 11 years
Subjects: Reading, writing, academic coaching, Spanish, Japanese, ACT/SAT/SSAT Prep – reading, verbal, writing, English, and essay sections   
Notes:  Whitney has taught English, reading, and writing classes at several different schools. She’s also held positions in the admissions office at two different private schools. Whitney is certified in CELTA and TESOL. She is proficient in Spanish and Japanese, and she has taught English overseas in Thailand, Japan, UAE, and Azerbaijan. Whitney was the associate admissions director at St. Timothy’s School up until summer 2017. She also taught Creative Writing and English at a school in London. Whitney is a member of Decoding Dyslexia, advocating for early literacy through expansion of public access via state and federal legislation and training. She has availability in the evenings and on weekends, and she tutors in the Washington DC and Northern VA areas: Alexandria VA, Arlington VA, McLean VA, Springfield VA, Burke VA, Annandale VA, and others. 

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Tutor Name: Gavin Education: Bachelor of Arts in Classical Languages from Grinnell College Subjects: SAT/ACT English, Reading, Writing, Math, and Science; also Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Latin, Greek, French, Italian, Spanish Notes: Gavin is a true Renaissance man, combining a passion for language with mastery of rigorous mathematical systems and quantum theory. He is proficient in ancient Latin and Greek, while also a capable tutor for modern French, Italian, and Spanish. An avid mathematician and scientist all his life, he is also completely at home teaching Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics, as well as math from Pre-Algebra through Calculus. He has tutored at Eye Level Learning in the East Village of New York City, as well as throughout his college years and even back into high school, when he mentored fellow students one-on-one to build their math skills and confidence. His teaching style is rooted in ancient philosophy, seeing the education of his students as inseparable from their development as human beings. Gavin is available to tutor in Orange, Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, Culpeper, Warrenton, and surrounding areas.

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Tutor Name: Holly Education: Master of Science in Education from George Mason University, Bachelor of Science in Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania Tutoring/Teaching Experience: 24 years Subjects: Academic Coaching, English as a Second Language Notes: Holly’s extensive teaching career includes 16 years of working with special-education students. With expertise in autism, learning disabilities, emotional challenges, and language barriers, Holly has served as a consultant to special-education providers and fulfilled complex IEPs through successful coordination with parents and school staff. She is certified in Early Childhood Education and is currently working as a Program Mentor for Western Governors University, serving in an academic advisory role for graduate students in the Teachers College. Holly is available to coach students in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.

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Tutor Name: Allen Education: Master of Arts in English Literature, San Diego State University Tutoring/Teaching Experience: 18 years Subjects: ACT/SAT English, Reading, Writing, Math; AP English; SSAT Reading and Synonyms; Algebra I & II; Geometry Notes: Allen is a multitalented educator who has taught a wide variety of English, composition, math, and problem-solving courses since 2003. He is qualified to teach all sections of the ACT and SAT, achieving perfect scores on his English, Reading, and Writing diagnostic tests. Allen has been consistently recognized for his excellent communication skills and ability to adapt his teaching style to meet students’ varying needs and levels. He is currently working as an online tutor for the Purdue Global Writing Center and has contributed to the design of course content and curricula. He is also actively involved in the community as an athletic coach and neighborhood volunteer. Allen is available to tutor in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.

Tutor name: April
Education: Associate of Arts in Special Education from Central VA Community College, Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Old Dominion University, Master of Arts in Reading Education from Old Dominion University  
Tutoring experience: 11 years
Subjects: Special education, reading, writing, language arts, academic coaching – ACT/SAT/SSAT prep: verbal, reading, writing, essay, and English sections.
Notes: April started her teaching career as a substitute for Chesapeake and Portsmouth Public Schools. In 2009, she became a full-time Special Education Teacher for Chesterfield County Public Schools. She has also been a Title 1 Reading Teacher for Surry County Public Schools. She’s worked with students with IEPs and taught English, Reading, and Algebra I. She’s instructed reading and vocational groups, and she's taught students with ADD/ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and emotional disturbances. April has worked with students from elementary school up through the undergraduate level. She’s helped students with low executive functioning skills stay on track and plan out assignments. April serves the Richmond VA area, including Henrico County, Hanover County, and Chesterfield County. Some of the areas April travels to are Glen Allen, Tuckahoe, Mechanicsville, Ashland, Short Pump, Highland Springs, Lorraine, Midlothian, Sandston, Atlee, Bellwood, and others. 

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Tutor Name: Taylor Education: Bachelor of Science in Integrated Science & Technology from James Madison University Subjects: SSAT Math, SAT Math, ACT Math, ACT Science, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Physics Notes: Taylor is a recent graduate of JMU, where he received CAA Academic All Conference recognition in 2016 as a member of their football team. His passion for renewable energy led him abroad to an Internship at the Saarland University of Applied Sciences in Saarbrucken Germany, and after his return, he worked as a Teaching Assistant for an Applied Calculus class, where he first discovered that he truly enjoys teaching. While combining his considerable skills in math, science, and teaching, he has continued to explore alternative energy sources, such as effective wind turbines, and the recovery of waste heat from data centers to generate electricity. He’s available to tutor in Aldie, Haymarket, Gainesville, and surrounding areas.

Tutor name: Kristin
Education: Bachelor of Arts in English, Minor in Art History from Mary Washington College  
Tutoring experience: 6 years
Subjects: English & AP/Honors, writing, literature, history, academic coaching, ACT/SAT/SSAT prep – verbal, reading, writing, essay, and English sections.
Notes: Kristin scored in the 99th percentile on the Praxis II for English Language and Literature. She’s endorsed for English grades 6-12 – certified VA teacher. She completed the Licensure Program at EducateVA in Richmond. For two years, she was a homebound facilitator for Henrico County Public Schools. For four years, she taught English at J.R. Tucker HS. Her students had a 97% or higher student success rate on both the Writing and Reading SOL. Curricula taught include 9th, 11th, and 12th grade English—as well as Journalism. She had a 99% student success rate during an intensive remediation program. For one year, Kristin was a GED instructor at the Mt. Vernon Adult Education Center. She was an Instructional Assistant at Glen Allen HS for one year. She also tutored for Little Scholars of Richmond for two years. Kristin spends her free time vounteering with the Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program. She tutors in the Richmond VA area: Glen Allen VA, Henrico VA, Midlothian VA, Mechanicsville VA, Bon Air VA, Tuckahoe VA, Dumbarton VA, and others. 

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Tutor Name: Brian Education: Master of Science in Education, Old Dominion University; Bachelor of Arts in History, Christopher Newport University Teaching/Tutoring Experience: 10+ years Notes: Brian has a well-rounded background that has prepared him to tutor all sections of the ACT and SAT Tests. With a Bachelors degree in History and a Certificate in Accounting, he has proven skills in reading comprehension and math, and he has put those skills to use in a variety of teaching and administrative positions. His Masters degree in Education allowed him to serve as a substitute teacher for Prince William County for over ten years, handling all subjects and multiple long-term assignments, and he has also worked as a Math tutor for Mathnasium. For Vint Hill, he demonstrated his versatility with high scores on all Test Prep diagnostic tests. He's available to tutor in Manassas, Centreville, Gainesville, Haymarket, Bristow, Nokesville, and surrounding Northern Virginia areas.

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Tutor Name: Lisa Education: Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, Northwestern University Teaching/Tutoring Experience: 5 years Subjects: ACT/SSAT Math, K-7 Math, Pre-algebra, Algebra I, Geometry Notes: Lisa worked as a high school math teacher for five years at two boarding schools in Illinois and Ohio. Her passion for math began in childhood, when she started tutoring her friends and classmates in the subject. As the daughter and niece of math teachers, she also has a familial predilection and natural talent for helping others improve their math skills. Lisa believes that teaching is about making a safe place for students to freely ask questions and feel comfortable doing so. Being patient and respectful of students is her priority, and making math as much fun as possible is her specialty. Lisa is available for tutoring in Richmond VA and surrounding areas.

Tutor Name: Wendy Education: Master’s in Special Education, Master’s in Reading Specialist from Regent University in Virginia Beach Tutoring/Teaching Experience: 6 years Subjects: ACT Reading and English, SAT Reading, SSAT Reading/Synonyms/Analogies, AP English, US and World History, K-6 Math, ESL, Academic Coaching, Special Needs Notes: Wendy is an energetic and devoted educator with demonstrated success in teaching students at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. She is talented in identifying individual strengths, implementing the best practices, and forging relationships with families to maximize her students’ success in the classroom. In addition to teaching, Wendy is also certified to work with individuals on the autism spectrum. She is currently an Exceptional Children Teacher at Southwest Middle School, and she is available to work with students in the Charlotte NC area.

Tutor Name: Kaylee Education: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Master of Education in Visual Rehabilitation Therapy from North Carolina State University Teaching/Coaching Experience: 4 years Subjects: Academic Coaching, ESL, general subjects K-8 Notes: Kaylee has a rich, active, and diverse background of helping students with multiple disabilities progress both academically and developmentally. She worked as a special-education teacher at Governor Morehead School for three years, administering instruction and lesson plans that were customized to each student’s needs, functioning, and motivation level. Kaylee is currently an ESL teacher and instructor for the visually impaired, providing hands-on learning experiences that enable her students to meet meaningful goals and successfully transition to the next level of their education. She is currently available to coach students in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas.

Tutor Name: Genaya Education: Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University Tutoring/Teaching/Coaching experience: 3 years Subjects: Academic Coaching, Applied Behavior Analysis, K-12 Math, Science, History, Social Studies, English/Language Arts Notes: As both a counselor and clinician, Genaya has worked successfully with children and adolescents to develop and optimize academic, communication, social, and adaptive skills. She has also worked closely with families to implement and sustain behavior interventions in the home. Genaya is currently a substitute teacher with Spotsylvania County Public Schools, educating K-12 students in Math, Science, History, Social Studies, and English/Language Arts. Genaya is available to coach and tutor students in Fredericksburg and surrounding areas.

Tutor name: Jordyn Education: Bachelor of Science in Psychology-Education from VCU, Master of Education (In Progress) from University of Richmond Tutoring experience: 4 years Subjects: Social Sciences, Biology, English, Reading, Writing. ACT/SAT/SSAT prep: verbal, reading, writing, and English sections Notes: Jordyn has a flexible schedule on weekends and is also available three days a week after school (the other two days are spent taking classes at the University of Richmond.) She has been tutoring one-to-one since enrolling in her high school honors program, Teachers for Tomorrow in 2011. She graduated from Deep Run High School and started her collegiate career at Christopher Newport University before transferring to Virginia Commonwealth University in 2014. She is now at the University of Richmond and works full time as a teacher. She has tutored students from age 5 up through college level, including those looking to obtain their GED through the Dominion Place Program at VCU. Jordyn currently tutors in the Richmond VA area.

Tutor name: Ester
Education: Bachelor of Science in Biology from University of Washington, Seattle
Tutoring experience: 8 years
Subjects: Math: Pre-algebra up through AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, ACT/SAT/SSAT prep: math, science, verbal, reading, writing, and English sections.
Notes:  Ester is currently a PRN tech at a local hospital. She has been tutoring one-to-one since 2009, working with students from age 7 up through 19 years. Before joining our team, she tutored math, history, biology, chemistry, and ACT/SAT prep. She also volunteered as a mentor, helping students decide what to do after high school. In addition, Ester was an assistant middle school instructor for two years in math and science, as well as a volunteer for The Rainbow House, working with students who have learning challenges. Ester tutors in Culpeper VA, Warrenton VA, Bealeton VA, Remington VA, Madison VA, Opal VA, Charlottesville VA, Amissville VA, Ruckersville VA, and many other areas up and down route 29. 

Tutor name: Michael
Education: Master of Arts in English from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Bachelor of Arts in English from Jackson State University
Tutoring experience: 13 years
Subjects:  AP/honors English, college level English, AP literature, language arts, reading, writing, government, political science, ACT/SAT/SSAT prep - for English, reading, writing, essay, and verbal sections. 
Notes: Michael was a full-time instructor at Central Piedmont Community College for seven years. He was also an adjunct faculty member for two years. At CPCC, Michael taught a variety of English courses: technical writing, English 101/102, British Literature, American Literature, literature-based research, and argument-based research. He also worked as a tutor in the college learning lab. For three years, Michael taught English to first-year students at ECPI and ITT in Charlotte NC. He was also the lead copywriter for Carolina Speech Services for four years, and he has worked as a business writer and technical writer for Wells Fargo and Fontem. In these roles, he wrote, revised, and edited all internal/external communications. Michael tutors throughout the Charlotte NC area. 

ACT/SAT Math Tutor Charlotte NC - ACT/SAT Prep - One-To-One - Geometry - Algebra - Trigonometry - Pre-Calculus - Pre-Algebra - Tutoring - In-Home Charlotte NC

Tutor name: Danielle
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of North Carolina
Tutoring/Teaching experience: 22 years
Subjects: SAT/ACT Math, ACT Science, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Pre-calculus, Trigonometry
Notes: As an educator, Danielle has extensive experience that includes 12 years of individual math and science tutoring and 22 years of math teaching for the Cabarrus County School System. Danielle is a gifted math instructor who scored 100% on all her tutor diagnostic tests and has helped her students excel in math due to her abilities to simplify content, illustrate concepts, and gauge student comprehension. Danielle is available to tutor in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.

Tutor name: Janine
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Temple University
Tutoring experience: 4 years
Subjects: Pre-algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Pre-calculus, AP Calculus. ACT/SAT prep - for math, reading, writing, English, and science test prep.
Notes: Janine worked as a teaching assistant for four years at both the high school and middle school level. She created and implemented lesson plans for Algebra I, Algebra II, and Trigonometry. She graduated from Temple University and moved to the Northern VA area from Philadelphia. She really enjoys tutoring and is well-versed in mathematics. She employs a high degree of integrity and studies child/adolescent psychology. Janine is motivating, friendly, upbeat, and responsive. She loves to work with students on ACT math, SAT math, pre-calculus, AP calculus, algebra I, and other math subjects! Janine is available to tutor in Leesburg and surrounding areas.

Tutor Name: Gang Education: Bachelor of Science in Statistics from the University of Minnesota at Twin Cities; Master of Science in Statistics from Utah State University; Master of Science in Computational Statistics & Data Science from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Tutoring/Teaching Experience: 3 years Subjects: SAT Math, ACT Math & Science, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus Notes: Gang loves numbers, and he pursued that passion to obtain multiple degrees in statistics and data analysis, then worked to pass along his insights and expertise as a lecturer for the University of Louisiana. He continues to work in his field as an Analyst for PNC Financial Services, but as a lecturer, he added a love of teaching to his love of numbers, and now he gets to partake in both worlds: statistician by day, educator by night. Gang is available to tutor in areas ranging from Fairfax and McLean to Gainesville and Haymarket, VA.

Tutor name: Piarget
Education: Master of Management Studies from Duke University, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Minor in Art History, Minor in Chemistry from Duke University
Tutoring experience: 7 years
Subjects: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, ACT/SAT Prep – for Reading, Math, English, Writing, and Science.  
Notes: Piarget graduated from Duke University in 2010. A few of his favorite subjects were Spanish, Calculus, and International Art Markets. He started tutoring independently at Duke and continued after graduation. At Duke, he received the Dean’s Recognition Award while earning his graduate degree. For three years, he was a patient advocate leader for Duke University Medical Center. He was also a research assistant with the VCU Health System for one year. Piarget has studied abroad in Germany and the Netherlands, and he was a Gates Millennium Scholar through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2006. He held an internship for Whitney Hill Partners in Charlotte NC for one year. He also provided market analysis and valuation analysis for a managing partner of a graphite mine in the Madagascar region of Africa. For the last four years, Piarget has worked for Virginia Premier Health Plan in Richmond. He has held the roles of System Analyst II and Project Management Consultant. Piarget resides in Glen Allen VA and tutors throughout the Richmond VA area. 

ACT/SAT Tutor Warrenton VA

Tutor name: Steve
Education: Master of Fine Arts in English/Creative Writing from Penn State University; Bachelor of Science in English from Northern Arizona University
Tutoring experience: 14 years
Subjects: SAT/ACT English, Reading, Writing, Math, and Science; also Algebra I & II, Geometry, Rhetoric, Literature, and Writing/Composition.
Notes: Steve loved math in High School and scored an 800 on his Math SAT, and he started college as a Computer Science major before switching to English. He says he fell in love with teaching as a Graduate Assistant at Penn State, where he taught Rhetoric and Composition through graduation and then stayed on as a Lecturer, adding duties as a tutor in the Penn State Writing Center and as a Creative Writing teacher. He later spent 20 years in the business world in computer support, combining his talents in math and writing. Since leaving that job, Steve has returned to the classroom--as a substitute teacher in Ohio and Virginia, as an Assistant Professor at Northern Virginia Community College, and as a tutor for Huntington, Sylvan, and Loudoun Test Prep. He has been with Vint Hill for over two years, and he is now the Assistant Director. As a tutor, he is observant, direct, and involved. Steve lives in Rixeyville VA and tutors from Culpeper VA up through Manassas VA.

Tutor name: Laura
Education: Bachelor of Science in Biology from University of Mary Washington
Tutoring experience: 4 years
Subjects: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, ACT/SAT Prep – for Math, Reading, Writing, English, and Science.
Notes: Laura graduated from the University of Mary Washington in 2016 and then went on to attend a certified nursing assistant training program at Riverside College of Health Careers in Newport News, working as a CNA before applying to graduate school. Laura worked as a substitute teacher at the Tejano Center and as a teacher’s assistant at a public charter school in Houston TX. She also worked one-to-one with students in grades 6-12 at the Raul Yzaguirre School for Success. Laura completed a mission year in which she partnered with local churches, non-profits, schools, community leaders, and activists to support Houston’s impoverished communities. She lived fully integrated in low-income neighborhoods in order to build relationships and understand the community’s needs. Laura was also a Youth Ministry Leader for Young Life for three years, an assistant volleyball coach for one year at a school in Fredericksburg, and a 4th-place recipient in the FIRST Robotics World Championships for design and construction. Laura works with students in the Richmond VA area and Fredericksburg VA areas.  

Tutor Name: Pamela Education: B.A. in Communication Arts Tutoring/Teaching Experience: 4 years Subjects: ACT/SAT Reading, Writing, English; AP English; Phonics; ESL; Special Needs Notes: Pamela has been an English educator since 2017 and is currently working within the Prince George County school system. Her teaching techniques include developing person-centered lesson plans, providing instructive and detailed feedback, and enhancing learning through both written expression and hands-on application. Pamela’s repertoire also includes the provision of professional writing and editing services. In this role, she produced literary compositions, articles, and reports for a New York City-based educational institution. Pamela is currently available to tutor students in the D.C. metro and surrounding areas.

Tutor name: George
Education: Ph.D. in Applied Science & Mathematics from College of William & Mary, Master's of Arts in Physics from Wesleyan University, Bachelor's of Arts in Physics from Rutgers University
Tutoring experience: 12 years
Subjects: AP physics and general physics, college level physics and mathematics, all levels of high school math (pre-algebra through AP/AB/BC calculus), SAT/ACT/SSAT prep - for math and science test prep
Notes: George is a semi-retired math and science professor from the University of Mary Washington. He was a college professor for 12 years. He also taught at a university in Texas. George also worked as a scientist for the Navy and for NASA. He does a good job at figuring out problems that are highly complex in nature. George is outgoing, friendly, has a strong personality, and is fun to work with. He is also energetic and relates to students easily. George scored 100% on our physics tutor test and 100% on our high school subject math tests (through AP calculus). Currently, he is a part-time instructor at Lord Fairfax Community College and resides in Sumerduck VA. George tutors throughout Stafford VA, Fredericksburg VA, Warrenton VA, and Culpeper VA. 

Tutor Name: Eric

Education: Bachelor of Arts from The Catholic University of America: Philosophy Major/Mathematics Minor

Tutoring/Teaching Experience: 15 years

Subjects: ACT/SAT/SSAT math, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus.

Notes: Eric has extensive experience tutoring students in multiple math disciplines, from pre-algebra to multivariable calculus. This experience began in 2003, when he worked at his alma mater as a Secondary and College Math Tutor. Eric has maintained this role with various reputable tutoring agencies throughout Virginia and Maryland. He is also nationally certified as a PC Specialist. Eric is available to tutor in D.C. and surrounding areas.

Tutor name: Flora
Education: Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry from University of Mary Washington   
Tutoring experience: 6 years
Subjects:  AP/Honors Biology, AP/Honors Chemistry, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry, ACT/SAT/SSAT prep - for math, reading, writing, science, English, and verbal.
Notes: Flora has worked as a Water Quality Lab Technician for four years, and she has been a substitute biology teacher for Fauquier County Public Schools for two years. Currently, Flora works for Joiner Micro Labs in Warrenton. She performs bacteriological analysis on drinking and wastewater in accordance with NELAP regulations. She provides guidance to clients on which analysis to perform on their water samples. She also prepares biological materials and safely handles microbiological and chemical hazardous materials. Presently, Flora works for two different biological laboratories. She can tutor on both weekdays and weekends in Haymarket VA, Warrenton VA, Gainesville VA, Bristow VA, Bealeton VA, Nokesville VA, The Plains VA, Manassas VA, and other nearby areas. 

Tutor name: Mary
Education: Bachelor's of Arts in Social Sciences and Minor in Education from Providence College
Occupation: Teacher
Tutoring experience: 21 years
Subjects: Reading, writing, English, academic coaching, ACT/SAT Prep for math, reading, writing, English, and science.
Notes: Mary has been a teacher for over 20 years and she has  taught ACT/SAT/SOL/ASVAB group classes at local schools. Currently, she teaches at a private school in Alexandria VA. In addition, Mary has been doing one-to-one ACT/SAT prep for 12 years. Mary is highly motivated, personable, and enthusiastic about teaching math, science, and language arts concepts to students of any age. She believes in positive reinforcement and age-appropriate creative learning strategies. Mary has taught accelerated language arts, math, and science classes for middle school and high school students. Mary currently resides in Manassas VA. She can tutor in the following areas: Bristow VA, Nokesville VA, Haymarket VA, Woodbridge VA, Dumfries VA, Stafford VA, Warrenton VA, and other nearby areas.  

Tutor Name: Vincenzo
Education: Bachelor of Science in Physics, University of Mary Washington
Tutoring experience: 4 years
Subjects: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Physics, AP Physics, ACT Math, ACT Science, SSAT Math
Notes: Enzo is currently a high school physics teacher. He has also worked as a tutor since 2015, providing instructive and comprehensive lessons in geometry, calculus, trigonometry, and physics. Enzo uses a thorough and analytical approach to teaching, providing step-by-step instructions that help students understand difficult concepts and work through course material more efficiently. He resides in Warrenton VA and can tutor students in Gainesville VA, Bristow VA, Haymarket VA, The Plains VA, Marshall VA, Bealeton VA, Culpeper VA, Nokesville VA, Manassas VA, and other nearby areas. 

Tutor name: Anisa
Education: Bachelor of Arts in English with a Professional Writing Minor from Portland State University, Master of Arts in English, Teaching of Writing and Literature from George Mason University
Tutoring experience: 11 years
Subjects: Reading, Writing, AP English, History, ACT/SAT/SSAT/ISEE/HSPT Prep – for reading, language, verbal, writing, English, and essay sections.
Notes: Anisa is currently a tutor at the Northern Virginia Community College writing center. She was previously a substitute teacher for Prince William County Schools for four years. She was also a writing coach in Portland, Oregon for six years and a writing instructor at Mt. Hood Community College for two years. Anisa has taught writing workshop classes at NOVA Community College and has proofread and edited numerous papers and essays, reviewing them for grammar, organization, spelling, and punctuation. She has great communication skills, and she is enthusiastic about grammar and editing. Anisa tries to inspire all learners and enjoys customizing a plan based upon the student’s needs. She also has experience working one-to-one with students who have ADHD and Autism. Anisa currently tutors throughout Northern Virginia: Manassas VA, Centreville VA, Herndon VA, Annandale VA, Clifton VA, Gainesville VA, Bristow VA, Nokesville VA, Warrenton VA, Haymarket VA, Springfield VA, Fairfax VA, Burke VA, and other nearby areas. 

Tutor name: Thomas
Education: Bachelor of Arts in English with a Minor in Writing from Hampden-Sydney College, Master's in Clinical Social Work from  Virginia Commonwealth University. 
Tutoring experience: 5 years
Subjects: English & AP/Honors, writing, literature, history, academic coaching – ACT/SAT/SSAT prep: verbal, reading, writing, essay, and English sections.
Notes: Thomas studied at the University of Oxford in 2010, enrolling in a summer program on renaissance-era English literature. Prior to enrolling in his graduate program, he was a Richmond City secondary English teacher for three years. He was also Head Residential Instructor at Oakland School in Keswick, VA. Thomas worked in the college library for four years while attending Hampden-Sydney College. He is skilled at building relationships with both students and parents in order to work toward positive gains for each child’s education. Thomas is good-natured, polite, supportive, and accommodating. He tutors throughout the Richmond VA area. 

Tutor name: Richard
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Education from Old Dominion University, Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication from Ferris State University, Associate of Applied Science in Communication from Northwestern Michigan College
Tutoring experience: 9 years
Subjects: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, English, Reading, Writing, Academic Coaching, ACT/SAT/SSAT Prep – for math, reading, writing, English, verbal, and science.
Notes: Richard has been a tutor at Huntington Learning Center for 7 years. He tutors students K-12 in reading, writing, English, and math. He started tutoring for the ACT/SAT in 2012. Richard was a Title II teacher for three years in Virginia Beach, VA. He has also worked as a summer school teacher and Sunday school teacher. For one year, he was a site permanent substitute teacher for Granby High School in Norfolk, VA and a long-term substitute teacher at Roscommon High School in Michigan. He was also a math and science teacher at the Huntington Learning Center in Mooresville, NC for five years. His duties included tutoring students grades K-12 and above in Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Writing, and Math. In addition, Richard once designed comic book illustrations and layouts as a freelancer. Richard serves students' homes in the Charlotte NC area. He travels to Concord, Davidson, Huntersville, Kannapolis, Mt. Holly, Harrisburg, Hopewell, and other areas. 

Tutor name: Ousmane
Education: Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from University of South Carolina
Tutoring experience: 9 years
Subjects:  Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, ACT/SAT Prep – English, reading, math, writing, and science.
Notes: While attending USC, Ousmane received the Howard Hughes undergraduate research fellowship in biotechnology and molecular genetics. He was also a graduate research assistant for two years at the USC Biological Sciences Department, and he worked at the Molecular Evolution & Bioinformatics Research Laboratory. While attending graduate courses, he tutored students, proctored tests, supervised lab sessions, and managed equipment, supplies, and materials. He was also a student assistant at USC for two years at the Student Support Services Department. He assisted students with learning challenges and disabilities, helping them use technology to complete their class assignments. Ousmane holds a Certified Pharmacy Technician license and is a member of the NC Pharmacy Association. He currently tutors full-time through several different organizations. In one of his roles, he interviews students and families to determine needs and devise an action plan. He is especially skilled at motivating and building confidence, putting an emphasis on critical thinking, reasoning, and problem solving instead of leaving everything to memorization. Ousmane can also do test prep for the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and MCAT. Ousmane serves the Charlotte NC area. He primarily tutors south of Charlotte in such areas as Waxhaw, Weddington, Pineville, Matthews, Indian Trail, Marvin, Monroe, Wesley Chapel, Mint Hill, Myers Park, Barclay Downs, Ballantyne, Montclaire South, and others. 

Tutor name: Candice
Education: Ph.D. in History from Cornell University, Master of Arts in History from Cornell University, Bachelor of Arts in History from Wheaton College
Tutoring experience: 22 years
Subjects: English, reading, writing, history (all levels, world history through AP history and government), academic coaching, and SAT/ACT prep for English, reading, and writing.
Notes: Candice is an English instructor at an institute in Manassas VA. She has been a college professor for over 20 years. Candice works well with unmotivated students. She is skilled at revealing where students are at a certain point and defining what type of help they need. She has had nine papers published and has taught over ten different history courses. Candice is direct, motivating, supportive, and friendly. Candice can tutor throughout the Northern Virginia area. 

Chemistry Tutor Haymarket VA

Tutor name: Sandra
Education: Master of Science in Chemistry from University of Colorado, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Geneva College
Tutoring experience: 27 years
Subjects: Chemistry, AP Chemistry, and college-level Chemistry
Notes: Sandra has retired from teaching and now tutors chemistry online, through group classes, and one-to-one. She taught chemistry at the college and high school levels for over 30 years. Shortly after graduating with her MS in Chemistry in 1980, she started teaching at the University of Maryland. She began tutoring independently in 1989 and tutoring for various Virginia companies in 2009. She also worked at NASA for two years, managed a tutoring organization for six years, and lectured at Prince George’s Community College in Largo, MD. She is direct, engaging, and solemn.

Kathleen Wills photo.jpg

Tutor Name: Kathleen
Education: Master of Education, University of Connecticut
Tutoring/Teaching Experience: 35 years
Subjects: SAT/ACT prep, English, Reading, Writing, K-7 Math, Algebra, History, U.S. History, World History, Government, Civics, Academic Coaching
Notes: Kathleen has extensive experience tutoring students in multiple disciplines. As an independent and homebound tutor, she has used a holistic and individualized approach that has helped her students develop organizational and test-taking skills while learning curriculum content. Kathleen also worked as a History Teacher for three years and a Learning Center Teacher for fourteen years at Christian Heritage School in Connecticut. In addition, she is a qualified Academic Coach with significant experience educating and empowering students with medical needs and learning disabilities. Kathleen is friendly, personable, engaging, and supportive. She is available to tutor students in Centreville, VA and surrounding areas.

Tutor name: Casey
Education: Bachelor of Science in Human Health and Biology from University of Tennessee, Master of Science in Emerging Infectious Diseases from Georgetown University
Tutoring experience: 5 years
Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, AP English, Writing, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, SSAT Math, SSAT Reading, SSAT Verbal, ACT Reading, ACT English, ACT Science, SAT Writing, SAT Reading, and ACT Math.
Notes: Casey recently graduated with a master’s degree from Georgetown University. Her goals are to earn her Ph.D. and become a college professor. She has been working part-time as an orthopedic technician. Casey grew up in Tennessee and graduated from the University of Tennessee with a 3.7 GPA. She had a 3.9 GPA in her master’s program. She also completed a graduate certificate course in organic chemistry and molecular biology. She was enrolled in the UT Honors Seminar Program and was a National Fastpitch Coaches Association Scholar Athlete. Casey is warm, friendly, sweet, and personable. She can tutor in Alexandria VA, Springfield VA, and Arlington VA. 


Tutor name: Vickie
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Secondary Education from Hood College
Subjects: Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III, and Spanish IV Tutoring experience:  23 years Notes: Vickie has taught Spanish 1, 2, 3, and 4. Many of the students who have completed three/four years of study with Vickie have earned college credit via the CLEP test, the AP exam, and college entrance exams. She also studied in Mexico and Spain with the Universities of Arizona and Marquette. She has traveled extensively throughout Central and South America, and she has served as a translator in six mission trips to Mexico, Honduras, and Paraguay. She also taught Spanish 101 and Continuing Education Conversational Spanish at Lord Fairfax Community College. Vickie focuses on all aspects of the language: reading, writing, listening and speaking. She also offers piano instruction and arranges student European tours to Spain, Ireland, Scotland, England, and France. 

Tutor name: Trent
Education: Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering from University of Oklahoma, Master of Education in Science Curriculum from George Mason University Subjects: General Chemistry and AP/Honors Chemistry
Tutoring experience: 11 years
Notes: Trent is currently a chemistry teacher for the Spotsylvania County school system and was previously a chemistry teacher for Fairfax County. He has been with Spotsylvania County Public Schools for eight years, and he is certified to teach secondary school education in Virginia. Trent is an accomplished and energetic teacher with a solid history of student achievement. He excels at motivating students, utilizing his areas of expertise in curriculum design, student learning styles analysis, and student remediation. He teaches general and honors chemistry in Fredericksburg VA.

Tutor Name: Mosi Education: Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Delaware Tutoring/Teaching Experience: 3 years Subjects: SAT/ACT Math, Pre-Algebra through Calculus, Physics

Mosi phofile pic .JPG

Notes: Mosi’s experience includes Lead Instructor and Teaching Assistant of an upper-level civil engineering course at the University of Delaware. In these roles, he taught lectures, developed syllabi, prepared material, helped with course logistics, and proctored exams. Prior to teaching, Mosi was an Excel Scholar at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, where he conducted research and designed virtual-simulation software.  Since 2015, Mosi has worked as a specialist for New York City Emergency Management, coordinating with city, state, and federal agencies to improve transportation and infrastructure emergency planning. Mosi resides in Arlington and can tutor students in the D.C. and surrounding areas.

Tutor Name: Jenni Education: Bachelor of Arts in History with a Minor in English from The College of William and Mary Tutoring/Teaching/Advising Experience: 3 years

Jenni Heo pic .jpg

Subjects: Elementary to AP English, Reading, Writing, US and World History, K-7 Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, ESL, Academic Coaching, ACT/SAT/SSAT prep. Notes: Since 2015, Jenni has worked in a student advisory capacity, helping students adjust to university life and fulfill their academic goals. She was previously the Program Coordinator for Pioneer Academics, where she counseled domestic and international students on their resources, capabilities, and performance. At The College of William and Mary, Jenni worked as an Academic Peer Advisor. In this role, she worked closely with students to help transition them to college and individualize their academic agendas. Jenni currently works as an analyst at the University of Maryland Health Center, where she assists in the management of an occupational health unit and analyzes data pertinent to various ongoing studies. Jenni’s tutoring experience includes STEM and reading tutoring for the Academics Department of the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation in Philadelphia. Jenni is also multilingual, with fluency in English, Spanish, and Korean. Jenni is available to tutor in D.C. and surrounding areas.

Tutor Name: Phoebe Education: Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language from Virginia Commonwealth University

Phoebe West pic .JPG

Tutoring/Teaching Experience: 6 years Subjects: ACT English and Reading, SAT Reading and Writing, Language Arts, Foreign Language, European Studies Notes: Phoebe has worked as a volunteer tutor for the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia since 2012. She has helped numerous students advance their reading level, and she was recognized as an Outstanding Tutor by the organization. Phoebe has also worked as a substitute teacher for Virginia Commonwealth University, teaching French 101 and 102. As a student researcher, she collaborated with VCU faculty to create learning modules and activities for intermediate-level French language students. Phoebe scored 100% on the AP English test and 97% on the GRE Verbal section. She is available to tutor students in Richmond and surrounding areas.

Tutor Name: Jay Education: Bachelor of Science in Biology, James Madison University Tutoring/Teaching Experience: 3 years Subjects: ACT Science, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Geosystems, Academic Coaching Notes: Jay has been tutoring since 2015, helping students improve their grades and increase their confidence in topics such as biology, general chemistry, and organic chemistry. While attending James Madison University, he tutored over 15 students per week. Jay has also worked as a Plant Development Specialist for a lavender farm in Harrisonburg, VA, where he bred and harvested over 9,000 lavender plants of nine various cultivars. He is also an OSHA-certified Environmental Specialist and a member of the Nature Conservancy and Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative. Jay is available to tutor in Manassas and surrounding areas.

Joseph Majillo pic .jpg

Tutor: Joseph
Education: Bachelor of Science in Biology, Virginia Commonwealth University
Teaching/Tutoring Experience: 1 year
Subjects: ACT/SAT Math, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, AP/Honors Chemistry, Biology, AP/Honors Biology, Academic Coaching
Notes: While attending Virginia Commonwealth University, Joseph worked as an assistant instructor, offering peer-assisted study sessions to as many as 30 math and science students per week. These sessions were designed to help students understand the more difficult course material, improve test performance through intensive exercises, and work at a faster pace. Joseph’s other experience includes volunteering for the Red Cross and coaching and training athletes at the Nike Tennis Camp. He currently works as a medical assistant in northern Virginia. Joseph is available to tutor students in Bristow and surrounding areas.

Tutor Name: Shannon Education: Master of Arts in German, University of California; Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, San Francisco State University Tutoring Experience: 28 years Subjects: SAT/ACT/K-12 English, Reading, Writing, ESL, French, Spanish, German, Academic Coaching Notes: Shannon’s experience includes 15 years of teaching classes and workshops. Shannon has taught multiple subjects as a K-12 substitute teacher, and she has helped students improve their performance in testing and language as a private tutor. Shannon is a multilingual tutor, with proficiency in French, Spanish, and German. She is also a certified yoga instructor and is currently practicing as a Wellness Advocate. Shannon is available to tutor in Fauquier County and surrounding areas.

Tutor Name: Mariana Education: Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics, Columbia University Tutoring/Teaching Experience: 4 years Subjects: SAT, ACT, K-12 English/Reading/Writing, ESL, Spanish, Academic Coaching Notes: Mariana is a skilled and professional tutor who has worked as an Instructor, Translator, and Program Coordinator at the Bell Language School and Columbia University Teachers College. Her experience includes training school faculty, helping international students assimilate to the U.S. education system, and teaching English conversation and grammar to over 100 students. Mariana is also fluent in Spanish and certified in Education Policy and Program Evaluation. She is currently working as a legislative intern, preparing policy documents and drafting materials for publication. Mariana is available to tutor in the metro DC area.