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We were happy because this program focuses on the individual. After our daughter did the mock practice tests, it was discovered she only needed SAT math tutoring. The in person 1 on 1 prep got her up 210 SAT math points!
— Leslie N. (Washington, DC)
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SAT Format and Structure (for march 2016 test and beyond)

Reading – 65 minutes (52 questions)
Writing and Language – 35 minutes (44 questions)
10 minute break
Math – No calculator – 25 minutes (20 questions)
Math – Calculator allowed – 55 minutes (38 questions) 
5 minute break
Essay – 50 minutes (one common prompt, but the passage changes) 

On the new SAT, students will have an average of 1 minute and 10 seconds to answer each question. This includes the multiple-choice questions and the math grid-in questions. This varies drastically from the ACT, which gives students an average of 49 seconds per question. The new SAT will be unveiled March 5, 2016. This will be the first administration for the redesigned SAT. This will have the biggest impact on the class of 2017. The new SAT will be five sections, instead of ten, like the old SAT. The format will be similar to the ACT; however, there will be two math sections. There is no longer a penalty for answering incorrectly. Therefore, students should answer every multiple-choice question. One can only gain points on the new SAT, so it’s important not to leave any questions unanswered. The new SAT will contain four answer choices, instead of five, which was seen on the old SAT. A new SAT report will encompass a math section with a scale score of 200-800 and a reading/writing section with a scale score of 200-800. The overall combined scale score will be 400-1600. 

SAT Reading

The new SAT will focus more on academic achievement. The College Board is eliminating sentence completions from the new SAT and increasing the presence of tier 2 vocabulary.  All of the SAT reading passages will be considered “long” as the College Board got rid of the shorter passages. Students will need to be skilled at citing evidence, extracting information, analyzing structure, and purpose. The new SAT reading section will include a pair of related passages and questions will ask students to draw connections. 

SAT Math

The new SAT math section will focus heavily on algebra. The College Board added a sub-score to the new SAT report titled “Heart of Algebra.” Geometry will be de-emphasized, while algebra will be the main focus. There will be more real-world math problems, for example, how to leave a calculated tip at a restaurant. The new SAT will include trigonometry for the first time. Both the ACT and SAT will now contain trigonometry. Formulas are provided on the SAT, unlike the ACT, and there will be the introduction of a no calculator math section. 

SAT Writing and Language

The SAT writing and language section will test students editing and revising skills. They will need to correct errors in sentence structure, usage, and punctuation. There will be at least one informational graphic on the SAT reading and writing section. This section will be similar to the ACT English section. 

SAT Essay

The new SAT essay will go from 25 minutes to 50 minutes with the redesigned test. This new 50 minute essay will require students to analyze a written piece on a certain topic. The passage the student analyzes will be 650-750 words. The SAT essay section measures the ability to explain and analyze another individual’s argument. The essay is now the last section of the test. Similar to the ACT, the College Board is making the new SAT essay optional. The essay will be scored based upon three categories: analysis, writing, and reading.   

We offer SAT prep throughout the Washington DC areaNorthern VA area, Richmond VA area, Fredericksburg VA areaCharlottesville VA area, and Charlotte NC area. We will have a SAT tutor come to your home for one-to-one instruction. We will review previous SAT practice test scores or official SAT scores to determine the area of focus. We can also email out a SAT practice test to take at home and provide an analysis for a customized SAT prep program.

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